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The City of Hamilton and surrounding areas of Butler County have been experiencing a resurgence of economic growth and redevelopment. While these changes have had a positive impact on jobs and progress in our community, they have also strained local transportation infrastructure.


The City of Hamilton and Butler County Transportation Improvement District (BCTID) have already completed multiple improvements throughout the city and nearby areas to reduce congestion and improve travel safety.


Now, the city and the BCTID are working in coordination with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to plan the next effort: the North Hamilton Crossing (NHX).

Current Conditions

Travel through northeastern Hamilton is often slowed down due to:

  • Increasing numbers of vehicles on local streets

  • A higher-than-average frequency of crashes

  • Delays caused by train crossings

  • Congestion on bridges across the river

These conditions are expected to get worse as more people and businesses are attracted to the city and nearby areas.


Click here to learn more about existing conditions, including travel conditions, safety concerns, connectivity issues and alternative modes of transportation in the northeastern Hamilton area.

NHX Project Goals

  • Improve mobility and reduce congestion

  • Improve the safety those traveling by car, bike, on foot, or other means

  • Improve connections between the east and west sides of Hamilton

  • Make travel across the Great Miami River easier

  • Explore opportunities to improve and expand sidewalks and bike paths, and improve public transportation options

  • Support growth and redevelopment

This website has been developed to provide you with information about the NHX project and the process being used to develop it, and to keep you informed about its progress. Click the buttons below for more information.

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